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Lisbon Airport is the closest international airport to Sesimbra (~40km) and offers many scheduled nonstop flights to most European cities and some overseas destinations (e.g. New York, Toronto, Rio de Janeiro, Caracas, Cairo). In terms of international connections, there are several daily flights to Lisbon from some of the major European hubs: London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam or Madrid. Other airports in Portugal, particularly concerning some European low-cost airlines, are Faro (~250 km South of Sesimbra) and Porto (~400 km North of Sesimbra) international airports.
The main Portuguese airlines are: TAP Air Portugal, SATA.
For information on entry formalities, check the general information page.

There are several options how you can get from Lisbon airport / city center to Sesimbra.

Option 1) Private Car transfers
Hotels in Sesimbra provide airport transfers, please check with your hotel.
There are other private car transfer options available, e.g.:
Travel duration: 45 minutes

Option 2) Uber
You can call for an Uber and normally they have better price fare than Taxis.
You have the option to call an UberXL that take 6 persons.
Average price:
UberX: 32€
Uber XL: 57€
Travel duration: 45 minutes

Option 3) Taxi
Taxis take 3 to 4 persons.
At the airport: we recommend participants to purchase a Taxi Voucher at the Tourism Information Welcome Desk in the airport Arrivals Hall. This will be a fixed price fare to Sesimbra: Weekdays 87 Eur. / Weekends & Night time (after 9 pm): there will be an extra charge.
From city center: The average fare from Lisbon to Sesimbra should be close to the fares listed above.                                      
Before taking/hiring a taxi to Sesimbra, inquire about the fare.
Travel duration: 45 minutes

Option 4) Public transportation

There is a bus service that runs from Lisbon city centre to Sesimbra center.
The bus station is located at Praça de Espanha. Coming from the airport by AeroShuttle get off at Av. José Malhoa or by subway get off at Praça de Espanha (blue line).
Transportes Sul do Tejo
BUS Nº 207 (Lisboa – Sesimbra)
Ticket: Around 5€ (can be bought on the bus)
Travel time: 2h30
(This is an Express Bus – Lisbon to Sesimbra via the Motorway)

Train & Bus
Train (Fertagus) from Lisbon center to Foros da Amora followed by bus to Sesimbra.
Train stations are located at Roma-Areeiro, Entrecampos or Sete-Rios. Coming from the airport by AeroBus get off at Entrecampos station or by AeroShuttle get off at Sete Rios. From city centre by subway get off at Entrecampos (yellow line) or Sete Rios (blue line) stations.
Train Ticket to Foros da Amora 2.60 Eur. (bought at the train station)
Bus from Foros da Amora train station to Sesimbra center.
Transportes Sul do Tejo
BUS Nº 203 (Cacilhas – Sesimbra)
Ticket bought on bus: 3.25 Eur.
Travel time: aprox. 2 hours

Ferry & Bus
Ferries (TransTejo) (known as Cacilheiros) from Cais de Sodré to Cacilhas followed by bus to Sesimbra.
Coming from the airport by AeroBus get off at the terminal stop in Cais de Sodré. By subway get off at the Cais de Sodré station (green line).
Ferry ticket from Cais do Sodré to Cacilhas – 1.20 Eur.
Bus from Cacilhas to Sesimbra center.
Transportes Sul do Tejo
BUS Nº 203 (Cacilhas – Sesimbra)
Ticket bought on bus: 4.05 Eur.
Travel time: aprox. 1.5 hours
For more information about public transport, visit the Transporlis website.

Option 5) Driving to Sesimbra
Several rent-a-car options are available at Lisbon airport.
Should you decide to drive to Sesimbra from Lisbon, take the A2 South, crossing the 25 de Abril bridge, for around 18km. Exit the A2 following the signs to Sesimbra / Azeitão. You will now be on the N378. Keep on this road until Sesimbra – the route is well signed. Travel Time: Aprox. 45 minutes.
If you choose to drive from Faro International Airport, from the airport take the A22 West (towards Albufeira/Portimão), exit following the A2 North until the Sesimbra/Azeitão junction. The A2 has tolls, from the Algarve to Sesimbra (Total driving distance ~270km).
If you fly to Porto International Airport, take the A4 to Porto, followed by the A1 South to Lisbon, and then the A2 to Sesimbra, as previously explained. The A1 has tolls, from the Porto to Lisbon (Total driving distance ~400km).
For more information on motorways and tolls you can visit the Brisa website; or visit itinerary planning websites such as Mappy or Viamichelin.

More information on public transports:
CP –  Portuguese railway company:                                    808 208 208
Rede-Expressos – National coach company:                    707 223 344

Taxis in Lisbon: 
21 799 64 60 (Autocoope)
21 811 90 00 (RádioTáxis)
21 811 11 00 (Teletáxis)

Participants, particularly from overseas, are strongly advised to check entry formalities and visa requirements for Portugal.
Citizens of the European Union, Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland need only an identity card to enter Portugal.
Please confirm entry requirements with your travel agent or with the Portuguese embassy closest to you before you travel.

The currency in Portugal is Euro. Travellers’ cheques can be cashed at numerous banks. Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and American express) are accepted in most stores and restaurants. Several ATM bank machines are located in Sesimbra.
Banks are generally open Monday to Friday, 8.30 am – 3.00 pm.

In the coastal areas of central Portugal springs are usually mild whilst summers are hot and dry. Rain is more frequent in autumn and spring.
In Sesimbra, there are often warm, sunny days in spring with average temperatures in April around 22ºC maximum and 13ºC minimum.

Electricity in Portugal is 220V, with a type C electrical plug. You will need to bring a converter for the electrical devices if these devices require 120V.

National Emergency Number: 112


In Sesimbra:
Health Center: +351 21 228 96 00
Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa: +351 21 210 02 12
(Portuguese Red Cross)

In Lisbon:
Santa Maria Hospital: +351 21 780 50 00 / +351 21 780 51 11 / +351 21 780 52 22
São José Hospital: +351 21 884 10 00 /  +351 21 885 41 50
Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa: +351 21 845 94 30 / +351 21 942 11 11
British Hospital: +351 21 394 31 00  / +351 21 721 34 00


In Sesimbra:
GNR- Guarda Nacional Republicana: +351 21 228 95 10

In Lisbon:
PSP/ Lisbon Metropolitan Police Command: +351 21 765 42 42
Esquadra de Turismo / Lisbon Tourism Police Station: +351 21 342 16 23
GNR / BT- Brigada de Trânsito / Traffic Brigade: +351 21 392 23 00

Credit Cards:
American Express: 707 50 40 50 / +351 21 427 04 00 / +351 21 427 04 02
Mastercard: 800 811 272 
Visa: 800 811 107

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