The “Anthropocene” was announced to describe the new geological epoch driven by humankind. Overfishing, pollution, and climate change are some of the unquestionable human-driven threats to ocean biodiversity. Under this context, and within the notion of winners and losers of global change, there is some evidence that cephalopod populations are benefiting from this changing ocean. These publications aim to compile the latest advances on cephalopod research, covering a wide range of disciplines, and encompassing different levels of biological organization (from molecules to populations). Authors who made a contribution to the CIAC 2022 conference are specially encouraged to submit their findings. All manuscripts will be pre-screened by the guest editors and, if suitable, reviewed by at least two external experts.

CIAC 2022 Special Issues:

The Research Topic “Cephalopods in the Anthropocene: Multiple Challenges in a Changing Ocean” in Frontiers:

Submissions will be open after the conference;

Topical Collection “Advances in Cephalopod Research” in Marine Biology –

Submissions will be open after the conference;

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