Announcing the triennial CIAC Award for excellence in published cephalopod research- 2022

As part of its role to encourage high quality and innovative science, the Cephalopod International Advisory Council (CIAC) is sponsoring an award for the most significant article published since the last CIAC Conference (Nov. 2018- now)

Nomination Criteria:

  • Papers may be nominated by the author team or a third party.
  • All research or review articles published by the nomination deadline may be submitted (March 11th).
  • Papers will be evaluated based on the likely impact of the research and on the improvements made to understanding of cephalopods.

Application guidelines:

Please email a PDF of the paper and a word document with the following information:

  • Paper title, author status (e.g. student/researcher), a concise summary (200 words max) outlining the importance of the findings, techniques developed, or synthesis of the review; and the name of person nominating the paper.

Please email your nomination by March 11, 2022 to: AND

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